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There is nowhere more important to have safe and reliable electrical systems in than your home. Faulty wiring can cause fires. Overloaded electrical panels can cause outages. You simply cannot afford either occurrence. Still, if you have not had your electrical systems serviced in your home in the past two years, you simply do not know when disaster can strike.

Here at JB Electric Service, we are on your side when it comes to safe and reliable electrical work. Our residential electrician service puts an emphasis on home safety. We offer a number of residential electrician services so that you can feel more secure in your Grayson County, TX home.

When you call on us, an experienced residential electrician will arrive at your door neatly uniformed and eager to resolve any issue you are experiencing. Our team is fully equipped at all times to handle residential electrical problems. We can usually get the job done with one visit.

There is virtually no type of residential electrical work, repairs, or installation that we cannot handle. If you need all-new wiring for one room or your entire home, we have the team to get it done in a timely manner. We pay attention to the details to ensure that you have the safest and most effective wiring in your home.

We handle installations of all kinds, including ceiling fans, breaker boxes, and service lines. We can even help set you up with an emergency backup generator. Be prepared for anything with our residential electrician service!